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mastersswimming's Journal

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Welcome to the Masters Swimming Community! If you are a masters swimmer or are considering becoming one, this is the place for you to ask questions, meet other swimmers and discuss your swimming experiences. Anything swimming related is welcome. The rules are the same as most communities:

-- No advertising unless it's related to the topic of this community.
-- No quizzes.
-- No cross posting.
-- Pictures: please put all pictures behind a cut.
-- No bashing other members. Treat everyone else the way you would like to be treated. We're all adults here (as the Masters Swimming default) and I like to think that everyone is mature enough not to do this, but there are usually some who aren't. If you happen to be one of those few, you will be banned. It's very simple.

Membership here is open, but you must click on the "join" button and your request will be emailed to me. I've done this to prevent the occasional troll from joining and generally speaking all requests will be approved. Although this community is based in the US, all masters' swimmers are welcome. Dive in!