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Yay!! [Jun. 24th, 2008|05:17 pm]


I'm back in the pool after 6 years since my senior swim season. My community college opened a public-access health and fitness center complete with both lap AND exercise pools.

But boy, I don't have the same body as my 17 year old self, and I haven't been training for the last 6 years.... and I'm feeling it.

First off I have a shoulder injury, repetitive stress from waiting tables. The last couple weeks it hasn't been a problem but today it had flared up and made it difficult to pull with my left arm. I thought it would ease up with a nice slow warm up and nice stretches, which it did a little, but not as much as I had hoped. I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia my junior year of HS, which has gotten worse and compounded by a chronic fatigue diagnosis... let's just say I'm happy I'm doing non-impact exercise that I find fun and rewarding, but I'm struggling.

My biggest problem is that I don't know what to do! All through school I had coaches making up the practices. I've done a decent job remembering some things and creating a basic practice for myself that I can do without someone else watching the clock, but I'm having a real tough time coming up with ideas for how to keep it fresh and interesting. I was a distance swimmer, but just doing laps doesn't really appeal to me.

My last two practices were:

400 warm-up--200 nice and slow and easy, and 200 at whatever feels like a comfortable pace without pushing or forcing myself to go slow.

5 x 100 :30 break between; just pushing past comfortable but not sprinting.

10* x 50 :20 break between; sprint. *I haven't actually made it to ten but that's been my "goal" I guess. The first day I got a stitch in my side at #5 and I pushed thru #7 when I decided just to go to my cool down. Today I made it to #4 and just thought I was going to pass out from sheer exhaustion if I stayed in the pool so I cooled down and left.

Cool down: 200 or so slow, with at least 50 backstroke and 50 back streamline. Then a nice 10 minutes or so in the hot tub to keep my joints happy and let my muscles get used to not moving so much without getting too COLD in the process.

Yeah, I'm only doing half our workouts right now. Baby steps lol.

My brother was a swim coach for club and middle school teams and I asked him to put together an easy, medium and hard workout for 30, 45 and 60 minute routines (so a total of 9 workouts) but he hasn't done it. I sort of figured I keep talking myself out of doing it, so if I PLAN to do the 45 minute, medium-difficulty workout, then the days I feel like crap I can compromise by doing the 30 minute medium or easy or even hard depending on the day... and having options will get me there a lot easier. Plus if life gets crazy, I can do a quick 30 minute hard workout and get something in and get that nice endorphine rush without impacting my day too much.

Now I kinda figure even having a 30 minute easy/hard and 60 minute easy/hard will get me where I need to be, because I can take those and tweak them and combine depending on my mood.

And now I'm just babbling. lol.

Anyway, if you feel like it, post your workouts. Certainly post the intended difficulty level and your own current training status, because that will really help me get some ideas for sets I can do and sets that are wayyyy outside my current ability.

Oh lord, I remember hell sets.... those practices that we had to do the day after a difficult meet when we'd lost especially when we should have won..... worst days ever for me because they were practically all sprints, and I am SOOO not a sprinter. 500 warm up, twenty 50's on the 30, fifteen 50's on the 45, ten 75's on the 60, ten 100's on the 90, and 500 cool down. I was usually a full turn behind everyone else by halfway thru each set, and my coach would pull me up and make me take a few seconds' break but man.... hell sets sucked, even when I was in shape and currently training. And I'm so not going to put myself thru that yet even if it is the only real set I can remember! lol