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[Apr. 26th, 2007|09:31 pm]


Another workout from this week:

I got to practice a little late, so I have no idea how much warmup I missed, but here is today's workout. Focus again was middle distance
6x100 @ :10 rest (I'm guessing at the assigned number, I did three)

2x650 as follows:
150 pace/4x25 kick/150 pace/4x25 free/150 pace
*pace is your 100 aerobic pace. I think I was holding just under 2:00 for each 150, although I couldn't be sure because the pace clocks weren't synchronized.

Pyramid @ :10-15 rest between each swim
50 free: 5 left arm/5 right arm/10 regular
100 free: 50 free 5+5+10 (same as above)/50 two count pause
150 free: 50 free 5+5+10/50 two count pause/50 double streamline -- double the distance of the pushoff from each turn
200 free: 50 free 5+5+10/50 two count pause/50 double streamline/50 swim
Repeat sequence above, but backwards.

2900 yards total

[User Picture]From: rogerdoger
2007-04-27 11:11 am (UTC)
Boy you do some complicated workouts! Are you writing these, or from a book or just making them up at the swim?
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[User Picture]From: jessacord
2007-04-27 04:50 pm (UTC)
I don't write the workouts, my coach Tim does. He seems to have a fondness for squeezing in as much variety as he possibly can in each workout and because each workout is only an hour long it seems kind of complicated. If each practice were an hour of hour and a half, I'm sure the practices would look differently. He trains much differently than any other coach I've had; all the other coaches I've had made their sets much longer. I asked my younger sister, who is a phenomenal swim coach, to send me the workouts she wrote for her team this season. She has the ability to really get the best out of every swimmer and I am thinking of using some of her workouts on off days when I don't make it to practice or want to get in more yardage. When I was coaching age group swimmers my practices looked a lot different too but we also had two and a half hours to get through every practice. I'd like to be swimming an hour and a half every day, but there is so much demand for pool time with summer right around the corner that extending practice duration isn't realistic for an organized group.
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